Infrastructure Development

Our team includes individuals with hands on experience developing HCBS delivery systems. We excel in providing deliverables that can be easily incorporated into systems operations.

Policy and Regulations Development

Our expertise allows us to consider a state's current practices, federal requirements, and promising practices in other states to draft policy and regulation. We inform states about the different policy options and the infrastructure and staffing that will be needed to implement the policy.

Standardized Data Collection Tools and Processes

We have assisted states in identifying and creating standardized tools that support key operations, such as level of care determinations, assessment, support planning, and critical incident management. We also assist in developing processes, such as interview protocols, for implementing these tools.

Web-Enabled Data Collection Tools

We have created web-enabled data collection tools that states can own and operate. We work with states to understand their IT structure and develop tools that can be easily implemented and maintained in-house.

Operational Manuals

We have translated policy into manuals that help ensure that individuals have a clear understanding of the roles and responsibilities. We have written manuals that are tailored to state staff, providers, care coordinators, and program participants. We can develop traditional 3-ring binder manuals, web-based manuals or both.

Design Information Technology (IT) Systems

We have assisted several states to design their information systems to comply with CMS requirements.