DC Department of Mental Health

Real Choice Systems Change Grants

HCBS Strategies assisted the DC Department of Mental Health (DMH) in the preparation of three Real Choice Systems Change grants and one Assets for Independence Grant. We worked with District staff and other key stakeholders to match their goals in improving the delivery of long term supports for individuals with disabilities to the requirements of the grant category that presented the greatest likelihood of success. As a result of these efforts, the District was awarded more than $2.3 million in grant funds.

HCBS Strategies worked with DMH and Georgetown University to implement the Real Choice Systems Change Portals from EPSDT to Adult Service grant. This effort helps identify children in foster care with mental health issues, reform current Medicaid services, and create a new Medicaid case management funding stream to assist them in transitioning to adulthood.

Integrating Housing and Long Term Supports

HCBS Strategies assisted DMH in implementing the Districts Real Choice Systems Changing Integrating Long Term Supports With Housing grant. Under this project, we worked with DMH in matching individuals with mental health issues to housing and developing mechanisms to support home ownership.

At Risk Youth Wraparound Development

HCBS Strategies assisted DMH in designing a wraparound program that will help youth with serious mental illness avoid placement in Residential Treatment Centers (RTCs). HCBS Strategies identified possible Medicaid funding streams, financial architectures for reimbursement, and the operational design of the program.

DC 1915(c) Elderly/Physical Disability (EPD) Waiver

Dr. Lutzky oversaw the successful renewal and expansion of a Medicaid HCBS waiver serving the elderly. The renewal included both the addition of adults (18+) with physical disabilities to what was the "elderly" waiver and an increase in the enrollment cap. Assisted living and attendant care were also included as new Waiver services.

DC 1915(c) MR/DD Waiver

CMS approved a long-standing request to amend the District of Columbia's Medicaid HCBS Waiver serving individuals with Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities in December 2001. This amendment increased the scope of funded services. Dr. Lutzky provided oversight to the subsequent renewal that increased the number of people the Waiver can serve and added additional services.

DC HIV 1115/Ticket to Work

Dr. Lutzky supervised the development, submission, and implementation of twin efforts to expand Medicaid eligibility for individuals who were HIV positive but did not meet the Social Security Administration's definition as being disabled because of AIDS. These efforts include the submission of an 1115 Medicaid demonstration that utilized savings from switching prescription drug financing from traditional Medicaid approaches to the Federal Supply Schedule to cover the additional eligibility group and the receipt of a $26 million dollar CMS grant under the Ticket to Work Demonstration to Support Employment and Independence effort.